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We’re the first community accelerator for local food startups. You’ll find it here on SAPi before Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Find the best street food, food trucks, food stalls, farmer’s market vendors, chefpreneurs, small-batch artisans, brewers, and local restaurants with the SAPi app.

Get rewarded for making your mark on your local food scene. Rate and review dining establishments, cafes, bars, and food experiences to earn free food, exclusive rewards, and extra cash for participating on SAPi.

Be the first to try your town’s new pop-up restaurant, speakeasy, or coffee roaster. Use SAPi to find addresses and contact information of new food and drink experiences before they become overcrowded with out-of-towners.

Why SAPi?


Power of Local Options

Want Birria tacos? How about a Keto ice cream cake? Or, maybe you are looking for a few more options to your new diet. Someone is creating it, and they are on SAPi, near you!

build business

Connect with Local Customers

Get customer feedback, gain market traction on your products and plates, at a fraction of the marketing dollars.


Support the Local Community

Authentically connect and support the local food scene by sampling your area’s newest plates and products, then provide valuable feedback to help food businesses grow.

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