Fusion Mac and Cheese Recipes That Will Level Up Your Holidays


Fusion Mac and Cheese Recipes That Will Level Up Your Holidays


SAPi's Best Fusion Mac and Cheese Recipes For The Holidays

SAPi’s Best Fusion Mac and Cheese Recipes For The Holidays


It’s that time of year, are you prepared to shine like the bright diamond you are at your family holiday potluck? You’ll need to go beyond the traditional sides to be able to humblebrag that you brought the best dish to the table. Your Mac and  Cheese dish deserves to be more than just a co-star; done right, it deserves top billing. 

Mac & Cheese is the holiday classic with an immeasurable contribution to the holiday feast. Feeds kids? Check. Feeds your picky Uncle who isn’t into fancy holiday dishes? 100%. Can fulfill your sister’s current gluten-free, vegan, keto diet? With some swaps, absolutely!

Why not go the extra mile this year and put a spin on the classic? It’s time you take the unspoken holiday win for the best dish, the one that people will request for years to come. 

Below we’ve rounded up some fusion Mac & Cheese inspiration from across the web.


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Top 8 Fusion Mac & Cheese Recipes




For Your Keto Friends & Family 

Delish’s recipe for Best Ever Keto Mac & Cheese is a game changer that will make you rethink cauliflower. It also pulls double duty in the cheese department with the controversial, but well played, cream cheese. No need to label this one; everyone will like it! 



Kim Chi Mac & Cheese

Taste Two Eggs :  Kim Chi Mac & Cheese



Asian Fusion 

Let’s go with this spicy take on the classic; Taste Two Eggs doesn’t miss a step with their KimChi Mac And Cheese. Perfectly creamy and umami-packed with the at Korean favortie, kimchi. Red Chili paste, chicken broth, and onion crunchies will take you across the globe and back again before Thanksgiving is over. 



Masala Mac & Cheese

Honey, What’s Cooking : Masala Mac & Cheese



Indian Fusion

Honey, What’s Cooking nails it with its Masala Mac and Cheese recipe. We know, this feels like we’re crossing a line when we’re tossing Indian Masala spices into the mix, but trust us, it works! Masala is a mixture of ginger, garlic, onions, and tomatoes sauteed with Indian spices, and the roux that is made as a base for this fusion creation is enough to convince any doubter. 



The Toasty Kitchen : Loaded Mac & Cheese



For The Big Eaters

You’ve heard of the loaded potato, and let us introduce, The Toasty Kitchen’s Loaded Mac And Cheese. This is creamy, stomach-warming comfort food at its finest. Scallions, bacon, and a five-cheese blend feature in this masterpiece. 



Jalepeno Mac & Cheese

The Chunky Chef : Jalapeno Mac & Cheese



Jalapeno Popper Inspired – Why Didn’t We Think Of This Sooner

Seriously. Why didn’t we think of The Chunky Chef’s Jalapeno Popper Mac and Cheese sooner? We fill like we’ve been robbed of so many holiday side opportunities until this came along. You know this one has all the jalapeno, cream cheese, and panko crumb goodness of your dreams plus a kick of cumin spice to round out the flavors. 





When Squash Meets Mac & Cheese 

We recognize greatness when we see it, and The Chunky Chef really has too many fusion Mac and Cheese recipes to mention, but the Butternut Squash, Gruyere, and White Cheddar Mac and Cheese was too good not to make our list. For one thing, if you’re working with Gruyere, we already know you aren’t messing around. Garlic roasted butternut squash means you aren’t coming to play at the next family get together; you’re coming to win. 



Frank’s Red Hot : Classic Buffalo Mac and Cheese



Mac & Cheese That Clearly Wants To Be Chicken Wings 

I mean, we all have that friend who carries hot sauce in their purse (thanks, Beyonce), so why not cut to the chase with Frank’s Red Hot Classic Buffalo Mac and Cheese?  That’s a mouthful to say, and also to eat. Bleu cheese, hot sauce, and celery make a Mac & Cheese that clearly aspires to be chicken wings. And we like it.



Scrummy Lane : Greek Mac & Cheese

Scrummy Lane : Greek Mac & Cheese



Take Me To The Greek Isles

It might be chilly out during the holidays, but Scrummy Lane’s Greek Mac And Cheese will transport your potluck to tropical places. There is no sauce to this one, which some might say disqualifies it, but the secret ingredient, feta, will make you forget all about cheese sauce. Spinach, panko crumbs, and nutmeg take this Mac & Cheese to fusion town. 


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