Minors Policy

SAPi’s Terms of Use requires that all account owners be at least 18 years of age. Individuals under the age of 18 are considered minors on SAPi. Minors under the age of 13 are not allowed on SAPI

Minors under 18 and at least 13 years of age are permitted to use SAPi’s services only if they have the appropriate permission and direct supervision of their parent or legal guardian who is the owner of the account.

Users are responsible for any and all account activity conducted by a minor on your account.

The following restrictions are in place for legal reasons.

Accounts on SAPi. All minors over 13, both buyers and sellers, must follow these policies on SAPI:

  • Minors may not make purchases unless they have appropriate permission and are under the direct supervision of their parent or legal guardian who owns the account.
  • All financial information on the account must be that of the parent or legal guardian.

Selling on SAPi.Minors over 13 who wish to sell on SAPi must follow some additional policies:

  • All billing information must belong to the parent or legal guardian responsible for the account.
  • For more information, please review our Terms of Use here.

Contact Information. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or to report a violation of this policy: