SAPi Recipe: Yerba Mate Raspberry Wake-Up Smoothie

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SAPi Recipe: Yerba Mate Raspberry Wake-Up Smoothie


Yerba Mate Tea Raspberry Wake Up Smoothie

Yerba Mate Tea Raspberry Wake Up Smoothie

Yerba Mate Tea Raspberry Wake Up Smoothie

Fall is here, the mornings are getting darker and it’s time to switch up your caffeine routine. Instead of reaching for an energy crash inducing cup of black coffee, devoid of nutrition, why not reach for the tea? To kick off your morning with a natural boost we bring you the Yerba Mate Raspberry Wake Up Smoothie.

A cup of South American Yerba Mate tea has 85mgs of caffeine, which is similar to coffee’s 95mg. In addition, adding fresh fruits like raspberries and banana will make it a drinkable breakfast on the go packed with electrolytes and antioxidant boosting nutrients! 


This Yerba MateWake-Up Smoothie is the perfect way to drink your breakfast and get an all-natural energy boost that won’t dehydrate or give you the jitters like coffee might. In addition, adding superfoods like maca powder, hemp seeds, or chia seeds, won’t just get you to work, you might just have enough energy to run there. 


If you aren’t familiar with yerba mate, is not from the traditional tea plant, but from soaking the leaves of the South American native yerba mate holly tree. The indigenous Guarani and Tupi communities realized that it had a naturally energy-giving effect as well as giving immunity protection – which science would later determine was from the polyphenols present in the leaves. 

According to The Scientific American Journal, Yerba Mate tea has proven to have many impressive health benefits including:


  • Greater energy
  • Mental focus
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Enhanced sports performance


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to change up the morning routine and add a little yerba mate energy to your life. 


Yerba Mate Raspberry Wake-Up Smoothie

A Tea-Based Smoothie To Kick Off Your Day! 



1-2 peeled bananas, *frozen

½ cup of raspberries

¼ cup of cashews 

1 cup of brewed and cooled yerba mate tea

1 Tbs of maca powder



  1. In a high-speed blend or food processor combine all ingredients and blitz until smooth. 
  2. Serve in a travel mug and start your day with a burst of energy!


*If bananas aren’t frozen, add a quarter to half cup of crushed ice


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