Grow Your Kitchen Series: Finding Your Why

Grow Your Kitchen Series: Finding Your Why

Grow Your Kitchen Series: Finding Your Why


Finding Your Why Is One Of The Most Important Steps Of Your Food Business Journey


In this installment of SAPi’s Grow Your Kitchen Series, we’ll be digging deep to answer one of the most critical questions a new food entrepreneur should ask themselves: why? Why do you wake up every day to hustle for your dream? Why should you keep going? Why should your customers invest in your brand?

Renown author and speaker Simon Sinek, renowned author and public speaker said:


“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do.”


There is a place where your “why” and consumer demand will cross over, and this is the sweet spot to success. 


Finding Your Why Is The First Step To Creating Your Dream

A “why statement” is your purpose, who you are, what your stand for, and how you want to contribute to the better good. If your “why statement” is powerful enough, it will inspire and move people to share your message.


Finding Your Why To Communicate To Consumers

You may not realize it, but as consumers, we are buying someone else’s “why” every day. Does their “why” align with our values, hopes, and goals? Your why should translate to your product, mission, and vision. An authentic “why” will resonate with your customer base and create loyal customers who trust in your brand.  


Finding Your Why To Keep Growing Your Kitchen

Before you even consider your future customer, you need to answer the “why” for yourself. At the end of the longest days, when you feel like giving up, you’ll need this anchor statement to remind you who you are and where you are going.  A strong why statement is imperative to your personal and business success and longevity. 

Here are five solid reasons you should invest time and thought into crafting a strong “why statement”.


1. It will define your purpose. 

Understanding your own true purpose in life should be a priority whether it is part of a business dream or otherwise. Humans fundamentally do better with a personal sense of purpose, a true north that will always be there to guide them. Purpose offers stability and direction. 


2. A “why statement” will help you to maintain focus. 

When you define your “why” with good clarity, this becomes a place to go back to when chaos sets in. Your “why” will remind you of your bigger goals when small setbacks happen. 


3. It will help guide you in making hard decisions. 

A well-crafted “why statement” will help you from making rash decisions or “quick fixes” in the heat of the moment. It is also a place to revisit when you feel yourself compromising your core values.


4. It will act as an accountability partner. 

To grow your kitchen, you’ll need a strategic timeline to consult when you find yourself off track. When you find yourself drifting off course, your “why statement” will remind you that you have work to do and goals to meet. 


5. It will keep you resilient. 

Perhaps most importantly, a business owner must possess otherworldly resilience. Thomas Edison once said:

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.”

So much of succeeding is failing first. A “why statement” will remind you of your original mission and the big dreams that require determination and resilience to keep moving.