Never Ending Holidays: The Top Five Recipes For Leftover Turkey

Never Ending Holidays: The Top Five Recipes For Leftover Turkey

Never Ending Holidays: The Top Five Recipes Leftover Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey

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The average size of a Thanksgiving turkey is 16 to 22 pounds – and one thing is absolute; you will nearly always have leftovers. There’s nothing worse than coming up short on the main course, which means we often cook a little more than necessary. What’s better than a piping hot glazed turkey? Leftover turkey. There’s something special that happens on the weekend over the holiday break where no one wants to cook again, football is on, and it just seems easier to grab for the leftovers. 

There’s something about the way that holiday leftovers just keep the spirit going through the week. They’re the flavors we only have once a year…and the calories don’t count that week, right?

In honor of reducing food waste in tasty new ways, we have compiled the top five best ideas for leftover turkey. 


How To Reinvent Leftovers With Thanksgiving Turkey 


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1. Cranberry Turkey BLT


We all have a different version of the leftover turkey sandwich, but this one might just be the best. The Original Dish has the right idea taking leftover turkey breast with all the best parts of a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. This recipe also brings fresh life to leftover cranberries, renewing them as a cranberry bacon jam! 





2. Turkey Noodle Soup


When in doubt, put it in soup! This goes for many Thanksgiving leftovers; roasted vegetables, roasted potatoes, and turkey all make great soup ingredients. This recipe from Food 52 starts with the turkey carcass – no food waste here! A mirepoix of leftover carrots, celery, and onion is a simpler alternative to store-bought broth. Add some red pepper flakes for heat, and you have yourself the perfect after Thanksgiving leftover soup! 


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3. Thanksgiving Casserole


We think all good casseroles have a little leftover in them – a melding of flavors that have been left to sit in the fridge overnight can sometimes be just the magic you need! This Thanksgiving leftover casserole from Taste of Home includes the stuffing, turkey, and cranberries that were part of the main event. Tossing them with pecans, milk, and eggs makes this a meal to rival the one the leftovers came from! 


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4. Savory Turkey Pot Pie


Savory Nothings speaks every tired mom’s language with this easy, Turkey Pot Pie Recipe. Leftover turkey and vegetables intermingle seamlessly nestled in puff pastry. These are also great to make in a batch and save for weeks to come (who doesn’t love Thanksgiving in December!) 


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5. Leftover Turkey Salad


Who says the holidays don’t have to be healthy? This Leftover Turkey Salad from Simply Whisked is Keto and Gluten Free, but not short in bold flavor. It’s great on it’s own or nestled between two slices of sourdough bread. This will also buy you time with a three to four-day shelf life in the fridge, meaning you won’t have to cook for at least a full week after Thanksgiving!