SAPi Recipe: Southern Peach + Raspberry Galette

SAPi Recipe: Southern Peach + Raspberry Galette

SAPi Recipe: Southern Peach + Raspberry Galette


SAPi Recipes: Peach and Rasperry Gallette

SAPi Recipes: Peach and Raspberry Galette


It’s time to get seasonal! Peaches are at their juiciest from May until late September and they are begging to be sliced and baked. 

Why not switch up the traditional cobbler recipe with a galette? We know what you’re thinking, a galette is not just a “fancy French pie”. It’s a fancy French tart! The word galette comes from the French “gale” meaning flat cake but is often a catch-all for cakes that don’t need a tin. They can be sweet or savory, or both! 

This perfect Peach + Raspberry Galette goes down perfectly with an outdoor porch, good company, and some freshly squeezed lemonade. 


Southern Peach + Raspberry Galette



For the galette pastry crust:

1.5 cups of flour 

9 T. cold butter cut into small pieces

1 tsp. sugar

¼ tsp. Salt

4-5 T. of ice water


For the filling: 

5 peaches, sliced

¾ cup of raspberries

1 T. lemon juice

¾ cup of sugar

2 T. flour

1T. of cold butter, cut into pieces

1 egg whisked

Additional sugar for sprinkling


 Optional: Vanilla Ice Cream for serving




Preheat oven to 375F

For the galette pastry crust:

  1. Combine the flour, sugar, and salt in a mixing bowl. 
  2. Cut in the cold butter pieces until the mixture looks like a coarse meal with some pea-size pieces. 
  3. Slowly sprinkle in the 4 tablespoons of the water, mixing until the dough comes together.
  4.  If the dough feels too dry, add the remaining water by the teaspoon until the dough just comes together.
  5. Form a dough ball and press between two sheets of plastic wrap and roll into a 9-10” round disk. Set aside and refrigerate for a least one hour. 



For the filling:

  1. Combine peaches, lemon juice, flour, salt, and sugar in a mixing bowl. 
  2. Gently combine with the raspberries and place in the middle of the prechilled pastry crust, leaving a 2-3” border. 
  3. Add the one tablespoon cut chilled butter to the top of the fruit filling. 
  4. Fold up the edges of the pastry to partially cover the fruit and brush the pastry crust with egg wash
  5.  Sprinkle with sugar. 
  6. Slide the galette on parchment onto a baking sheet.
  7. Bake for 25-30 minutes until the crust is golden brown.
  8. Let cool and serve with vanilla ice cream!