SAPi’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide For South Carolina Foodies

SAPi’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide For South Carolina Foodies

SAPi’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide For South Carolina Foodies



Gather around the SAPi tree while we lay out the best gifts for your South Carolina foodie friends for 2022. You know the ones, the Aunt that’s always hosting parties with elaborate charcuterie trays or the best friend who always knows where to find the most authentic Jamaican food in town. The culinary experts we call friends and family deserve the best food-themed gift 2022 has to offer! 


The Best Holiday Gifts For Foodies | 2022 Edition


Root Note Food Truck

Photo: Root Note Food Truck



1. Root Note Food Truck Gift Card


Give the gift of food truck love with a gift card from Root Note Food Truck. This isn’t your average casual dining destination. Root Note is located conveniently beside the Charleston Pour House in case you get thirsty and is the perfect place for date night. They specialize in gourmet tacos – think tandoori chicken, pho-inspired pork, and vegetarian aloo gobi tacos featuring curry cauliflower, sweet potato, chickpeas, lentil, and queso in a chili tamarind sauce. It’s an experienced-based gift that will also delight the appetite! 


Photo: Sobremesa


2. Sobremesa Mole & Salsas

Sobremesa is a small-batch mole & salsa company in Charleston, South Carolina. Only a true foodie friend will appreciate the rich and velvety texture of a Mole Poblano that is blended from four different chiles, nuts, fruits, seeds, and a hint of chocolate to create a layered sauce that will step up your favorite foodie’s home-cooking game. 

The Sobremesa Bundle costs $40.00 and includes sauces, salsa, and moles. It is available for shipping to your Latin food-loving friends and family.


Photo: Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit


3. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit | All-Night Kit

Repeat after SAPi: you can never go wrong with a locally sourced gift basket. And in South Carolina, you can never go wrong with biscuits. And in the case of Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits, even if your giftee is Gluten Free. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit is widely recognized as an iconic Southern brand with national retail exposure, grab-and-go eateries and a food truck in Charleston, as well as a cult-like national following.


Their All Night Kit retails for $52.95 and is a sure win every time. It includes:


  • A half-dozen Cinnamon Biscuits
  • A half-dozen Buttermilk Biscuits
  • Cocoa & Cream Cookies
  • Cheese Crisps
  • Optional Addition: Traditional Pimento Cheese*



4. Charleston Culinary Tours Gift Certificate

Looking for a different gift idea for a foodie or a friend? Charleston Culinary Tours offers Gift Cards that make great gifts for all food and drink lovers and adventurous travelers in your life!

The tours explore Charleston’s historic cobblestone streets while participants can sample food from some of the hottest new restaurants. Whether you know a Lowcountry local or someone planning a trip to Charleston, a food tour is a great way to explore a new or familiar city.

There bespoke themed Food Tours include: 

This 2.5-hour tour offers insight into Charleston’s historic Upper King Street neighborhood, which has been named one of the top 10 food neighborhoods in America.

This 2.5-hour food tour explores Charleston’s Historic French Quarter and City Market, offering the tastiest of Charleston’s history and food while walking some of the oldest streets in America!

This 3-hour tour showcases the Lowcountry’s seasonal bounty and a local chef’s creative prowess.


Photo: Swamp Rabbit Cafe


5. Swamp Rabbit Cafe | Taste Of The South Gift Basket


South Carolina has so many talented artisan food makers the Swamp Rabbit Cafe created a mailable gift basket that represents the ingenuity of the artisan food makers from the region. The  once abandoned building along the Swamp Rabbit Trail is now a thriving food community where you can find an artisan grocer, cafe and bakery. 


The Taste Of The South Gift Basket retails for $100.00 and includes items curated from local artisan vendors.  If you want your loved one to choose, they also have Gift Cards! Baskets are available for same-day pickup or delivery. 



Photo: Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit


6. Lowcountry Oyster Company& Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit | Lowcountry Bundle Gift Basket 

This collaboration between Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit and Lowcountry Oyster Company is a match made in heaven that will benefit both you and your giftee if you’re invited to their next party. 

The most savory Lowcountry staples have been combined to create the Lowcountry Bundle. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit and Lowcountry Oyster Co. have come together to make the perfect gift for the foodie who like to entertain. From tide to table, enjoy a bushel of oysters straight from the ACE basin atop a crunchy sea salt biscuit cracker with a dollop of traditional pimento cheese! 


The Lowcountry bundle is available for delivery, retails for $135.00, and includes:

  • • Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit Sea Salt Biscuit Crackers
  • • Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit Traditional Pimento Cheese (12oz)
  • • Lowcountry Oyster Company Bushel of Oysters


Mushroom Mountain Spring Cultivation Workshop

Photo: Mushroom Mountain


7. Mushroom Mountain Spring Cultivation Workshop

For a unique twist for the foodie who loves exotic ingredients and farm to table dining, how about a Mushroom Mountain Spring Cultivation Workshop? Let the Mushroom Mountain team give your giftee the adventure of 2023. 


Participants will learn about fungal ecology and life cycles while immersed in hands-on methods to cultivate mushrooms on logs, stumps, wood chips, and straw design mushroom gardens as well as how to compost or recycle with fungi. The workshop includes a tour of the Mushroom Mountain Farm, where guests will be able to check out the myco lab. The gift of a workshop also includes breakfast snacks, lunch, an oyster mushroom fruiting kit, and a shiitake log to take home from a hands-on activity. Workshops start at $275.00.


Ace Leather and Knife Works Photo Credit: Soda City


8. Forged Iron Kitchenware | ACE Leather & Knife Works


For an heirloom gift look no further than this beautiful hand-forged iron Kitchenware by ACE Leather & Knife Works. The company makes a wide selection of bespoke cookware, including hand forged iron knives, grill utensils, iron, and carbon steel pans, and more. You can find the former finalist of the TV show Forged In Fire, Jon Medelin, representing his wares at the Soda City Market in Columbia or he also takes custom orders on his website. 


Photo: SimpliThai


9. SimpliThai Cooking Kits 


SImpli Thai makes all in one craft cooking kits so that your foodie family member won’t have to run around to import stores looking for special ingredients! There’s something about learning how to cook something that may otherwise seem complicated in a compact kit with real good instructions. That way your giftee can be the kitchen hero they are. 


Cooking Kits start at $22.00 and are available for local pick up at farmers markets in Charleston and Columbia. They also SHIP cooking sauces and cooking kits to nearby states.


Cubo Woodworks Photo Credit: Soda City Market


10. A Locally Crafted Charcuterie Board | Cubo Woodworks


Nothing but the best to impress with a Cubo Woodworks Charcuterie Board for the party-hosting fiend in your life. If you’re hosting a party, you’ll want the best cutting boards around. Their inventory ranges in cutes and grains, and they also take custom orders with up to 10 days notice. We love a gift that will remind our loved ones of us and great cheese simultaneously. 



In any holiday season, you can never go wrong with supporting local. Also check out the SAPi APP for local plates from local makers in your neighborhood to keep you and your friends and family fed while also supporting local small businesses. 


The Best of Soda City:  South Carolina’s Brain, Body, and Belly Market

The Best of Soda City:  South Carolina’s Brain, Body, and Belly Market

The Best of Soda City: South Carolina’s Brain, Body, and Belly Market

Where 1300-1600 Block of Market Street in tree-lined downtown Columbia South Carolina. 

Open Rain or shine every Saturday

Hours 9:00AM- 1:00PM


Soda City Market

Soda City Market, Columbia South Carolina



The energy is electric! The Soda City Market was founded in 2005 growing from just 6 vendors to 150 rotating vendors from all walks of life. The market is self-funded and contributes 500 individual paychecks to the locally crafted vendors weekly. What started out at a couple of hundred marketgoers can boom to up to 7,000 people on an event weekend.  The market founder wanted the weekly event to be a microcosm of all things Columbia and regional. 

The market focuses on three main points; brain, body, and belly. Not hard for your brain to be stipulated by all the amazing music, art, and melting pot of cultures represented. The market can easily support body health with its wealth of wellness offerings including CBD products, handcrafted soaps, and plants. We need plants for general happiness, agreed? Finally, your belly will not be disappointed. The Soda City Market is a veritable artisan buffet of all things food including vegan and gluten-free options. 

Why should the Soda City Market be on your weekend to-do list? Let’s check it out. 



10 Reasons To Head To Soda City Market


A Producer Only Market



Soda City Market is a producer-only market — vendors must make or grow their own products (including out-of-season/exotic fruits and vegetables, antiques, and vintage items). Everything sold at our market is unique, hand-crafted, and produced in the Southeast. The market fields an average of 150 vendors per week and over 400 unique vendors throughout the year!

Although most vendors are local to South Carolina, they also have rotating small businesses coming in from North Carolina, Georgia, and Maine. 


Photo Credit: Soda City Market


International Food



More than just the local farm produce (which they also have) Soda City represents a variety of cuisines capable of taking you across the world as you stroll down Market Street. International cuisine includes Brazilian, Venezuela, Spain, Indian, Thai, and Filipino. Think paella, Brazilian grilled meats, and curries. You can also find Thai Cooking Kits by Simpli Thai, which feature Kao Soi, Green Curry, or Pad Thai ingredients. 


Photo Credit: Soda City Market


Local Food Creations



You can also find mouthwatering local favorites including shrimp and grits, locally cured beef jerky, and pecan apple butter.

One must-stop is Grown Wild Foods artisan-crafted nut mixes that feature flavors like Bourbon Bacon Pecans and Cinnamon Pecan Crunch with Fireball Whiskey. 


Photo Credit: Soda City Market


Something For Everyone



There are offerings for the kids at Soda City as well! Check out A Childhood Store for eco-friendly crayons and art kits. They also host activities like a “Color Your Own” market tote or apron and have activity kits to build your own spaceship or castle. 

After you’ve picked up some loot for the kids, head down to Chill Out Pops for a Blue Lemonade or Mexican Hot Chocolate popsicle.


Photo Credit: Soda City Market





The Market Street stretch can get warm towards the middle of the afternoon, but they’ve got you covered with hydration options. Try the seasonal kombucha offerings from the charming retro KombiKeg van or Dogs On The Run for some fresh squeezed lemonade. 


Photo Credit: Soda City Market


Pet Friendly



Not only are pets welcome, but there is also something for them at the market. It’s a great outdoor space to roam with your best friend and socialize. Not to be left out of the shopping, The Modern Companion makes bespoke pet bananas and ties so that they can make a scene as they stroll down Market Street. 


Photo Credit: Soda City Market


The Glow Up



You’ll find plenty of booths selling beaded jewelry, handcrafted earrings and accessories, and newly glowed-up sneakers. From streetwear to lounging, the Soda City Market has you covered. The clothing, jewelry, and accessory option range from newly crafted, to thrifted vintage and rotate between different vendors all year long. 


Soda City Market

Soda City Market, Columbia South Carolina


Rotating Live Music



What’s a market without a music vibe? Street performers light up Saturday at the Soda City Market with every genre of music. On any given Saturday you might hear an electric violinist, harpist, or even “Poetic The Masked Rapper. 


Photo Credit: Soda City Market


The Art Scene



From custom prints to sandblasted ceramics and handblown glass, this is the easiest gift buying you’ll ever do. The market has something for everybody and the best part is that your purchase supports the local arts community and real people. Phoenix Fire Studios has got you covered for the mug lover in your life, while Blue Dash Laser Designs has the chess player in your life covered with a custom laser-cut wooden chess board. 


Photo Credit: Soda City Market


Plants, Yes, You Definitely Need More Plants



From custom bouquets to starting the succulent garden you’ve always wanted, you’ll find it in these bustling Main Street blocks each Saturday. Local farms bring fresh floral bundles while local nurseries represent the best of both indoor and outdoor plants. Yes, you need another one! You’ve got permission from us to get all the plants from places like Floral Hardy Farm out of Lexington (bouquets) or Old Turtle Pond Farm (succulents). 

In addition, Thorne and Finch have you covered for beautiful woven macrame plant holders. 



Bonus: The Surrounding Local Businesses

One of the great things about the Soda City Market is its proximity to tons of other great brick-and-mortar shops that surround the neighborhood. If you need to take a break from the heat you can duck into one of the many restaurants, galleries, or clothing shops around the market. The Good Life Cafe and Odd Bird Books are two stops worth making off the main market drag. 


If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the market, Soda City has an online application here and can also be contacted at





Top 5 Ways You Can Adopt Localism In Your Food Business

Top 5 Ways You Can Adopt Localism In Your Food Business

Top 5 Ways You Can Adopt Localism In Your Food Business

Why Local Tastes Better And How Supporting Your Community Is Important To Your Food Business



How can supporting local vendors and community members increase moral, create momentum, and boost your business at the same time? Let’s look at five easy ways to support local while running your food business and how they can help both you and your community.


Localism is the belief that goods should be created and purchased within a local area for the benefit of people in that area. It is the “Support Small Business” movement on a higher level supporting more than just the visible brick-and-mortar storefronts.

In addition, Localism draws attention to every part of the logistics chain from the farm to the packaging design. For example, a food business with a  local ethos prioritizes seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms, uses a local fabricator to build its kitchen setup, and supports community initiatives. 


Supporting local suppliers and vendors should be a top priority for small food businesses. An ecosystem of community partnerships shows an investment in your neighborhood and can pay off in dividends should you need help or advice. In addition, a purchase from a local farm to fuel your menu shows personal loyalty and expresses support with your dollar to hard-working local families.


Finally, there is no stronger community than the small business community who will rally behind each other in the hardest of times and the biggest of successes. A vote with your business dollar is a vote for the community you want to see thrive. 


So how can a food business adopt a localist perspective while gaining brand loyalty along the way? Let’s break down some of the ways your daily business decisions can positively impact your community and foster a sense of togetherness in your community. 


Top 5 Ways You Can Adopt Localism In Your Food Business

At the end of the day, supporting locally owned businesses outside of your own creates a more vibrant community linking people in a nexus of economic and social relationships. Here are five ways you can lead the charge in localism.



Support local farms, distributors, and grocers.


  1. Support your local farms. Grabbing your produce or meat cuts from the farmer’s market or having a direct relationship with a local farm will not only help the quality of your menu but forge invaluable relationships with the local food system. Even if you live in a city without farms, there are ways to support the circular food economy. 


When possible, pursue the most local farm possible and arrange for a group delivery among other interested food businesses. Support a locally-owned family grocer. Supporting local food growers and distributors is supporting a healthy local food ecosystem and will get your stock to you with a lighter carbon footprint as well. 


Support local packaging suppliers.


 2. Look for packaging supply locally. When you are a new foodtrepreneur, just starting out, it can be challenging to meet high       minimum order quantities. Not only does supporting a local supplier help support local families, they might also be willing to work with you as you grow. In addition, local suppliers can put a face with a name that creates a personal connection where you are mutually invested in each other’s growth. 


Support local talent.

Support local talent.


3.  Hire local services. From the architect to the accountant, source your backend needs within your community members. You’ll likely find recommendations within your community to keep your dollars within the local working economy. This small show of support for local talent goes a long way in modeling your values. 


Support local artists and musicians.

Support local artists and musicians.

4. Need art? Look local. While not everyone will have a sit-down restaurant that needs a mural or a food truck that needs a splashy paint job, all food businesses need a local graphic designer. Support local artists on with artwork on your walls. Use a local graphic designer to create our logo or menu. Work together with an aspiring artist or designer. Not only are they providing a service that they will then spread organically through their social media channels, but you are also helping to grow the culture in your community and an artist’s portfolio.


Support local sports teams

Support local youth sports teams with banquets and promotions.


5. Support local sports teams and creative events. Donating to the local sports team so they can travel to a big tournament or to a local art walk night has deep and meaningly intangible value. Consider hosting a celebration for the local sports team or an open mic night for aspiring talent. Aside from supporting the people who support you, donating to these causes fosters brand loyalty. 


Final Tips On Taking On a Local Approach To Your Food Business

Is it easy to take a localist approach in a competitive food community? Not always. This difficulty can be especially apparent if you are in an especially saturated large foodie-centric city, like Austin, Portland, or Seattle for instance.

Whether you are a start-up catering business, provide home delivery, or are a full-fledged cafe, there are always ways to support your local community. What you put into your neighborhood will repay you tenfold. 

Start with your immediate neighborhood if you are in a bigger city where the business community is less intimate. Is your neighboring restaurant not so warm at first? Did you pull up next to a fellow food truck as the new guy and got a dose of side-eye? Kill them with kindness. Send over your signature plate of food. Be the change you want to see in your food community. Set the example for a localist approach and commit to helping other foodpreneurs, especially the ones who look as lost as you did on opening day.